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Emulators Organizer is an emulator frontend which will launch games from a central location even if they require an emulator. It’s capable of adding box art, title screens, screen shots, movies, and many other features to improve the user experience. This software is extremely customizable and is updated frequently.

It's work like Game and application launcher, Just pick up something and double click on it, very easy to setup and use, It works like rom library, create a list of consoles, each console (e.g. : Nes) may include several emulators and roms which can be listed in categories.



·    Emulator – compatible with any emulator that can accept command lines

·    Game – compatible with any type of game image (ROM, ISO, BIN/CUE, etc.) because each console can be configured to recognize any file extension


·    EO utilizes a relative path so it can be placed on a thumb drive, burned to a CD/DVD, or moved to another computer with little to no effort

·    EO has the ability to import and export consoles to easily share with other people

Sorting / Filtering

·    Quick Search – filter a game library using a quick search box

·    Advanced Search – refines searching by providing additional filtering options

·    Categories – quick filters that are customizable per game e.g. genre, release year, etc.

·    Filters – similar to advanced search, however these can be saved for quick reference

·    Playlist – create unique views that contain games from multiple consoles e.g. Mario games

·    Sort – all columns/data containers are able to be sorted alphanumerically

Game Browsing / Viewing

·    Details View – Similar to an excel spreadsheet, this view contains columns and headers

·    Thumbnails View – This view displays box art and/or title images

Info & Tabs

·    Rom Data Info - stores information about each game that will appear in the Details View e.g. genre, release year, etc.

·    Tabs – contains files related to each game e.g. images, videos, text, game ratings, pdfs, etc.Unique Features

·    MAME is a complicated emulator to set up, however EO has an auto set up wizard to simplify this process

·    EO can recognize and group roms in a parent/clone or parent/children relationship in Details View

·    Command lines can be added individually to each game or applied to an emulator if it is required for all games

·    Batch (.bat) files are no longer required because EO supports disc mounting and script creation

·    Any program can be launched before and/or after the rom is set to the emulator

more Features:

  • Combine the proffesional feature with the most easy to use launcher on the net.
  • Support dat file from no intro web site,can rename your whole set of rom with simple click
  • High compatiblity,Can support any type of emulator or software that accept command line.
  • Create huge list of consoles ,Emulators,roms,files with thiers related attachment like photos and media (video,book,sound...).
  • Fast database engine , Browse and manage rom swiftly and easily.
  • Simple interface and strong programming core deliver easy and strong database manager.  
  • Contains a great tool for adding roms which searchs for roms automaticly.
  • Play remote rom or file that exist in remote server.
  • Download files or roms and get snaps or covers by built in download manager.
  • Looking for image or covers in the web in simple integreted forum.
  • Edit and manage each rom (edit name on the list, edit real rom file name, .... )
  • Create categories for each console in order to manage roms in collections.
  • Attach icon for each console.
  • Rename whole set of rom or file from dat file or by some easy to use commands
  • Add configuration files list for each emulator, edit the configuration file without leaving Emulatos Organizer then simply save that file and use it with the emulator.
  • Attach video and audio for each rom and play them back seperatly
  • Change multi file extention.
  • Locate any rom,Snap,Cover, Pdf or doc.
  • Manage large count of emulators for each console.
  • Create large count of playlists which include roms from different consoles.
  • Proffesional command line editor support any command line emulator or programthat accept commandline
  • Supports special command lines for each rom and playlist item.
  • Attach snapshots, covers, manual (pdf) and info for each rom.
  • Auto detect screenshots for roms even if the screenshots doesn't match the same name of the rom.
  • Auto detect covers for roms even if the covers doesn't match the same name of the rom.
  • Auto detect manuals for roms even if the manuals (pdf) doesn't match the same name of the rom.
  • You can resize the window, controls .... and the program will save your interface settings.
  • Save your profile in single encrypted file and change the name later.
  • Can read and extract from archived rom files , Various type supported.
  • Can be burned into CD / DVD ... as an Autorun.
  • Build profile in iso file,Or use ISO tool to creat your own iso file.
  • Can compress or extract roms using the compress tool.
  • support mame,dosbox and almost all type of emulator that accept command line
  • 100% free no adds or nagging



Go ahead and download the latest version here.


Also you can get started here.









grap latest beta release

05/09/2017 15:16
we release small fxes frequently and listen to  requests  on our forum you can check there best regards croser

version 6.7.129 is out

26/05/2017 20:11
Okay, let me explain a little about each new feature. We tried our best to fix all the bugs reported and to implement all the request, sorry we could not implement some request due to EO engine is too old and needs to be rebuilt in order these request get implemented (such as ability to group child...

version 6.6.25 is out

09/12/2016 12:28
It is finally here, :) yes it take us almost year to release new version srry for that,this release  has many new feature and fixes,check it out,and for more information pls visit our forum https://emulator-organizer-f.freegametalk.com/t154-version-6-6-25-is-out Enjoy!

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