what is the emulator and rom?

emulator is software that emulate rom,rom is the game,for example final fantazy2.nes is nes rom(nintendo game called nes),you can play it in nes emulator
like fceu,fakenesw,Nestopia...etc.

where I can find roms and emulator?

search in google for that,write"emulator" or "nes rom".Remember Don't Distribute Emulators Organizer With Roms,For more Information read license agreements.

Can I buy some rom from you?

No way,I don't and I will not.

When is the next version is coming?

There is no specific time for the next version to be released just check the site frequently for news and update,we are very busy persons.

What is meaning of iso?

Iso or ISO9660 is tecknique to create an exact copy of original cd to a single file with "iso" extension,use this method to create a collection of roms and emulator (your library or project) the use a software like "NERO" to burn to cd or dvd.

How can I compress or extract rom?

just open the "help" file and follow the instruction , This fornt end is self explained , If you need help , just post in the forum


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Can't view PDF file although I have adobe acrobat installed?

If you have Adobe® Acrobat® installed, run the reader, go to edit>preferance, select General, click Use default pdf handler.
This will make Adobe® Acrobat® the default program for pdf file and active the active x control of Emulators Organizer.

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