In this guide I 'll try to review some features of Emulators Organizer during building simple collection

The idea of this tutorial is to build collection of two console , Nes and sega , Thes sega console contain category of genesis and sega 32x

I have prepare working folder and put EO (Emulators Organizer) with two folder , 1s one caled nes , the sec called sega like the picture below:

I have create some folder inside both sega and nes folder like picture  belo

In "nes" folder,I put two nes emulator inside "Emulators" folder,Also I put some snaps and covers with roms,The next steps will be about organize things up

double click on Emulators Organizer.exe ,Go to "Tools" menu then "Options" then under "General" tab check the "Remember last opened project" also check

"remeber last selected consol,emulator and rom" then click ok , These options to ensure EO will reselect last selected rom each time you run it , In huge

collection this should be useful .

Now in console control right mouse click>Add console

Notice:EO 4.6 need info and history folder to be specified for mame emulator if you want to display info and history from dat file,go to tool menu then choose
get info and history file from mame dat  where dat file can be downloaded by searching google or some mame dat site (consult mame doc)

Enter the name,Info folder is the folder where your txt\doc file should be , You can use EO Editor to write them or just put some them inside that folder

histor folder same as info ,Download folder where your downloaded roms goes,Downloaded rom means roms that have link instead path,link refere to remote server,By default EO move downloaded link rom to temp folder ,So the whiped when user close EO ,leave it empty so downloaded rom go to temp folder

"Copy Downloaded.... " Enaple this to activate the download folder,even if it activated it not act if download folder is empty,leave it enabled

Douple click in icon square to change icon for console , you can choose exe file and retrieve icon from them

press add to add rom extention so scanner recojnize the rom , ex: nes not .nes , Now press ok

Now we need to scan for the roms,Right click inside rom list control >add roms (folder scan)


Click on add and browse for "rom" folder inside "nes" folder

Now we have roms with lot red x market , we 're going to make them right green,It 'll be great if we have snapshots and some cover for each rom , info,history and pdf manual ,First let'us assign snap for each rom , EO has intelegent snap detector since first version , that mean if you have some snapshots inside folder and there name close to matched rom like "mario.nes rom  has mario0.pnj or marioxx.xx" ,just scan the folder and EO will try to match the rom with snap , This detector avalibe with covers too,manual has to bee same name

Let'us scan for snapshot,Right click on console>Detect Snapshots

(Emulator Organizer version >=4.6 support multi folder snap detection as shown in below picture):

If you have more snap folder (snap,cart,...) and each one has same rom name (image name may has same rom name caracter +some number or symbols) example:  mario.nes  has mario1.jpg inside snap folder and mario.jpg inside cart folder ,so by selecting "take more than one image for each if ,ore..." (shown in image below) mario rom will have two image mario1.jpg and mario.jpg

browse now for "snap" folder inside "nes" folder , check first image in this page,click ok , EO detecting snaps and matching with rom (name of image  may not be the same of rom check help or ask about it in forum) same of  , press ok,Now we see some green

Snap folder like below pic


Repeat the above step to scan for cover ("detect cover" button check above)


You can add extra snap for each rom so you have for example as many snapshot as you like for 1942 rom in above pic,just click on + green button in snap or cover tab

AS you see in above pic,I currently showing snap number 1 of total 2 snap,clicking on blue arrow to switch between them,red x button to delete snap from database only,locat on disk to select current snap on local disk,View image with window browser , let associated image browser to be launched with current snap,zoom in\out with slider ,try blue arrow to switch between actual image size or to streetch image

Notice: By default "always stretch image in snapshot tab" option located in Tools menu>Options>other tab  selected,This option will stretch the snap to fit inside snap controller also keep aspect ratio work only if you zoom in\out to keep image original aspect during zooming

 Now click on save icon ,Enter the profilename then ok,You can change profile name In profile menu

Select rom,Click on info tab,wright any thing and choose text format,save to confirm,if info folder not assigned yet,EO ask for it

version 4.3 and above: now you can retrieve game info directly from moby web site check help file for more information

 Click on Manual tab , open and browse for pdf file,You can scan for pdf as like as scanning for snap and cover via console option "see above step"

Now let'us rename "1942(ju) " rom to 1942 and "Super Mario Bros (PC10)" to "Super Mario Bros",simply right click at the rom and enter the name,now I want to apply these names to the real rom,I have two option :

1-Select each rom and right click on it then select"real rename"

2- From the Edit menu ,Select "Apply names to files",EO will rename the 1942 and Super Mario Bros (PC10) to what we want

Renaming also can apply to file extention like renaming ".nes" extention to some thing else like".ines",Select some rom then from Tools menu,Select "Change Extention"

Now let'us Build sega console , Follow tha above steps to creat sega collection from the folder we 've created before

Category is great feature , you can manage rom inside category like managing then inside console,adding roms to category quite easy,Right click on "sega" console and select "add category",enter "genesis" then ok,repeat the step and add "32x" category then ok

in my collection , by selecting sega , I have both genesis and 32x roms together , I want to seperate them so I play what I want,simply select genesis rom then send to >Category>Genesis ,You can sort roms in sega console so you can select the rom easily like I do in the following pic

Command Lines:

most of emulators accept different command lines , Used to activate some option or even to play rom directly,EO has built in command line editor make command line editing fun to deal with

Right click on Emulators control and select add rom

click on blue "folder" text and browse for fusion folder (sega genesis\32x... emulator),Eo will take icon automaticly

The default icon can expanded , rom path always to be sended,some emulator require the path before the command line , others after,you can toggle whether to use or not to use command line by clicking on "commandline" icon  in the main interface or by pressing "F6".

I have visit "Fusion" web site and saw the following command:


Fusion gamename.ext (console) (country) (-fullscreen)

Fusion will try to autodetect the console type, but if this doesn't work for some reason, you can specify:

Console options: -sms, -gg, -gen, -md, -32x, -scd, -mcd

Country options are: -usa -jap -eur or -auto

Default country is whatever is set in the INI file, i.e. whatever was last used.

All options can be in any order, and are optional.

When using the -fullscreen option, the ESCAPE key will exit the emulator.


press "+" button and add group like "Video" right click on group to add command line,name it "fullscreen" with out quoto,in the code bar enter -fullscreen,click on move up arrow

we can add parameter to any command line by right clicking on that command and selecting "add parameter",click on small save icon to export xml file,click ok, in the main interface expand command line controll

many emulator require command line in order to work fine ,like mess or mame , consult the emulator website or help file

Send to:

we want to have copy of our roms , along with the snaps,covers,info.... slect some rom right click and select send to>send to..

click start , Eo will copy the snapshot ,covers and manuals along with the roms to destination folders,You can copy rom by drag and rop it , hold mouse over some selected roms , then drag 'em out side EO.,Also great feature to compress rom with pass word protection, EO can extract password protected compressed file,check the help file


 right click on playlist tab and select "add playlist" enter any name,now we want to add multi file from different console , simply select roms you want and right click>sent to>playlist>your playlist

roms inside playlist will inherits the original rom attribute ,some feature disabled such adding rom,some action added like copy,past and cut to manage rom inside play list only , deleting rom will affecting play list only but not delete the rom from it original console,like deleteing 1942 in above playlist will not deleting 1942 in nes console,you can also move rom inside playlist and change the position  by drag and rop,hold left mouse over rom and move the mouse inside playlist control,left the left mouse button


You can do that easily by clicking on the headers of column,Like name in above snap,You can do that to sort alphabetically by clicking on name , or by size by clicking on size header,by file type and path


There is two kind of renaming, rename in which you rename displayed rom name and real rename which will rename the real file and displayed name , both method don't check any thing (hash zip 7z files inside rom) it will rename no mattar the consequences are lol

right click at any rom and select rename to rename displayed rom name (example 1941(u) rename it to 1941) ,choose real rename if you want to rename 1941 (u) actual file on hard disk

Renaming file\files extention

Simply select rom or multiple rom ,now from tools menu choose change extention

Renaming multi file:

two method availible

1-manualy rename your roms (each rom individualy) then from edit menu>apply names to files

2-Since version 4.3 EO support reaming rom from popular renaming database site,one of them is "no intro" and clrmamepro dat files (more to come in future release)

for our nes collection above we need to download nes dat file from no intro web site ,prepare the file (unzip and extract it where ever you want)

now from tools menu choose "get names from database" as shown in above screenshot

or right click on console>database>get names from database

browse for the dat file you already download (nes dat from no intro web site) and click start


real rename and rename command will rename any kind of file and will not check inside the file (compressed) or check the file type or hash (sh1,md5....)

tools menu >get names from database : will check the file (rom,game) type and may hash (sh1,crc,md5) or only check file name (rom set in mame) according to provided database file ,

no intro dat file has file (normal or compressed) hash so each rom will treated as on file

mame dat (clrmamepro) ,you can decide whether to check inside zip file (mame rom only in Emulator Organizer version>4.5) so one rom file has multi file inside it and the dat file should has hash info for each impeded file,or to check file name so Emulator Organizer will compare each rom file name with rom set name in dat file

example:  it's mame rom contain many file:


each of above has hash or crc info and we have name inside dat file, we can choose the coparation method(file name,or hash check)
we can change "" displayed name to what ever we want see renaming above in this guide (check how to install mame guide)

Check how to install mame step by step for more info

Tab priority:

Imagine that you have great collection and some of your roms have snap,some have only cover but other have video,and you still face empty panel said emulator organizer?
to over come this situation and and improve the display mechanisim we implement method to tell EO to keep display panel by your own priority,snap first then cover then video... you choose

choose Tab priority from profile menu


Extra Info,help,guides and more can be found on our forum,always check the guide page
Thank you for reading



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