How to install mame step by step

this tutorail will o longer works with eo 6.x.x.x (obsolete)

We will demonstrate how to install mameui mame emulator with roms and extra snap like snapshot and title....

Important:This guide compatible with version 4.5 and above,older version can't rename using clrmamepro dat file)

now open new projet by running Emulator Organizer or by choosing new profile from file menu

add new console and name it mameui ,change icon add extension ,follow previous guide for more

now add mameui as emulator,from emulator controller add emulator browse for mame folder

now scan for mame rom ,simply rigt mouse clck at console (mameui icon in console controller) and choose add roms(folder scan)

but wait sec,you should noticed that our rom displayed with real file name , but we need to display them in better form (1941j??),to achieve this we need clrmamepro dat file that contain our mame rom information , you can download the lattest from:
download the dat file that combatile with your rom set,like 145 dat here in my collection
in EO,go to tool menu >getname from database

click browse important maek sure you choose "clrmamepro dat(mame dat)" from file type dropbox like the below snap

select the Mame 145.dat file (your own may differ from mine) and click ok,now in the next window click on file name ridio button,this tell EO to use file comparation method,so EO copare rom file name with the name inside dat file , and will not check the hash or what inside the rom ,only name with name,very fast

you still able to check hash file if you want,by checking "check inside archive file for matched rom (mame only)",this will check the hash (crc only) inside mame rom and copare that with one provided in dat file ,may take longer but EO is very fast and can impress you!!

check "delete roms that not found in the database" to filter or remove missing rom from the displayed list after the operation done
in Turbo speed EO will check for rom lke normal method above "hash or file name comparation" but will agnore the rom if it presented more than one time in the list ,ex: two rom with name 1942 ,first rom will renamed but sec will not be touched
the if rom is archive (zip,7z or rar),check inside of it ,will work with no intro dat file and will check the hash of file inside copressed rom,ex: sonic.rar has
sonic (u).gen  and sonic (J).gen and sonic(E).gen EO will check the sonic(u).gen hash and copare it to datbase dat and will rename the sonic.rar to what is sonic(u).gen in dat file here is sonic the hedug (u)

back to where we are , check file name radio button and click start,the opeaatin take while depending on your pc horsepower

you see ow!! name now shown correctly

now how about adding snap and other extra file to our newly created collection,right click on the console and choose detect snap ,and make sure
the "Take more than one image for each rom if more than one folder presented" has checked ,this option will amke EO detect more than one snap for one rom from multi folder ,ex: 1942 rom has snap file and title


as shown in snap above, the selected game has multi snap and can be cycled by blue arrow <>

Below feature combatible with version 4.6 and above

now let 'us include mameinfo and history and enhance our display so each game has info and history by simple click in both info and history tab
First of all you need to download both mamaeinfo and history dat files,google it or if you have em already that will be great
second make sure you have already specified both info and history folder in console properity in Emulator Organizer like snap below

now from tool menu choose get info and history from mame dat file ,browse for both mameinfo and history as shown in snaps below and click start
Booom! charming huh

As you can see,I also remove some columuns from the llist like file type and cover,to do so just right mouse button at columun header as shown below

you can change columun position by holding mouse over the columun header and drag it next to any other columun

That's all,tell us what do you think


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