Install psx or ps1 ( play statio 1) emulator

this tutorail will o longer works with eo 6.x.x.x (obsolete)


these commands line are only for emulator that support command line , In emulator organizer ,you don't need to enter any command line to play , but in some cases  some emulator require extra command line to play the game , If that is the case try to search the Google for some or consult emulator documents

Many people still don't know how to install emulator in Emulator Organizer,Today I have some commands line switches I use to play some psx game,the below method is very simple and self explained no need to panic just follow the snaps

ePSXe 1.7 : Emulate play station 1 games grap one from link below

configure your epsxe170 and have bios set  ,every thing should be prepared well

command line : rompath -nogui -loadbin
Use it:
after adding new console and do proper configuration in "ePSXe "

now Right click at "ePSXe " icon located in emulator controller , then choose property , click on "add" button and add command group then use blue arrow (up and down) to position your new created group to be before "default" command group

Right click on first group (launching in snap above)Add the first command then the next so it will be -nogui first , then click add again and type -loadbin by using
Remark: - is necessary

You are done , just close this control by pressing ok button and try to run the game

MESS 0.140 (Multi Emulator Super System)
command line :
Use it:
refered to the console we want to run the game on , like nintendo the call it "nes" or ""nespal, for the full list consult the help file came with mess
refereed to game type , again they use some parameter to describe it , real nes use cartridge , here the use "-cart"
So what we got if we palning to run normal nes rom ?
nes -cart
enter each of the part of command line one by one like I describe above

If you like , post extra command line switches for more emulator on our forum


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