grap latest beta release

05/09/2017 15:16
we release small fxes frequently and listen to  requests  on our forum you can check there best regards croser

version 6.7.129 is out

26/05/2017 20:11
Okay, let me explain a little about each new feature. We tried our best to fix all the bugs reported and to implement all the request, sorry we could not implement some request due to EO engine is too old and needs to be rebuilt in order these request get implemented (such as ability to group child...

version 6.6.25 is out

09/12/2016 12:28
It is finally here, :) yes it take us almost year to release new version srry for that,this release  has many new feature and fixes,check it out,and for more information pls visit our forum Enjoy!

New video tutorial out

20/02/2016 10:12
If you don't notice it yet we add video each week on to our youtube channal we hope you enjoy and subscripe  head to Guide page

We accept donation

19/02/2016 21:22
Thank you for your support we love you all we accpet donation now if you find Emulator Organizer usefull to you or want to support us  Donation

New video tutorial out!

06/02/2016 15:04
       check our new tutorial

new hotfix out

04/01/2016 21:05
version  6.5.50 out it should bring hotfix for many minor bugs found in 6.5.11 hope you enjoy 

New update out Emulator Organizer 6.5.11

17/12/2015 21:47
yes it's winter update this is the last and the best update this year,many improvemnt to stability and performane tweaks and much more check it out now in our download page  

New version 6.4.350 out now!

08/06/2015 16:41
hello eo fans,our latest updat is here go and check it out on our download section,tell us what do you think on our forum  cheers

New online wiki available now!

01/05/2015 11:30
Many thanks goes to Thomas Smith, because of him we have full detailed manual come with cool guide for famous emulator and systems check it out It needs more update so stay tuned
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