Emualtor Organizer 2.5.359.9 released

07/12/2010 01:10

You may wonder why it's so fast , well , the reason for that I notice a big problem , not programing but something wrong with my friend anti virus (avira prenium security suite) that pop up with two Trojan!

I have kaspersky 2010 and up to data  , then I figure it out , some anti virus will detect threat in files that it's not infected , this called "false virus warning" , It's mean there is no virus in that file but the anti virus think it's infected with virus or worm

any way , I said I will release the next version in 2011 , but with such problem , I have to correct this else some people will think me hacker

Version 2.5.359.9:

  • Improvement: Improve the runtime memory usage , Things now load faster
  • Remove false Avira anti virus warning , No stupid false warning any more

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