My Nes has been updated to v 2.1

15/01/2011 17:07

 My Nes is a portable open source NES/FAMICOM emulator written in C#.
It's EXACT nes cycle emulator, very accurate and uses exact ppu scanline timing.
My Nes compatibility is very high, and most of the games that supported run perfectly.
The aiming of this project is to bring accuracy, speed, compatibility and a new serious .net nes emulator which can be ported into multi platforms.

Version :
* New optimized code that isolate the nes engine from the windows interface, now it's
  more flexable and easy to be ported into another platform.
* Included SlimDX library with the binary.
* Added DirectX video mode
* Added DirectX sound mode
* DirectX input instead of SlimDX, so you can use My Nes without SlimDX !!
* Added sound changable modes (SlimDX and DirectX)
* Easy to switch video modes, sound modes and control profiles using the new menu items.
* Added x4, x5, x6 window sizes
* My Nes runs faster with new optimized code, using buffers for video rendering instead
  the call of RenderPixel method.
* Fixed sound timing which caused garbages in the sound playback.
* Fixed save state feature which caused My Nes to hang.
* Fixed ppu x scroll and nametable reload bits update times.

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