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03/12/2010 18:17

Hello all of you

Sorry for being late , My brother (AHD) is currently busy on his big project , the upcoming nes emulator programed in c# dot net , the project               name  is  "mynes 2" , Tow days earlier , I had discovered some bugs in real delete and real rename system , also some minor bugs , I told him then he said he approve to fix these and make this Revision happen , He said the real cumming version will come in next year , In January

This Revision should be more stable than previous releases , until we make the next version in January , I want to publish this one 

Version 2.5.322.11:

  • Bug fixed : can't use real delete, real rename when the rom is a compressed file.
  • Bug fixed : can't detect roms when they are next to Emulators Organizer.
  • Bug fixed : can't view roms when selecting a category and the roms are compressed files.

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