New version of mynes has released

05/10/2010 01:35


My Nes is a portable open source NES/FAMICOM emulator written in C#,let you play old nes rom via your PC(Computer).
My Nes is completely portable, which means that can be ported into another platform or system like Xbox360. such version already

exists:check here

AHD (ala hadid) start working on this project since 18 jul 2009, at the first realese the gool was to run a nes game, now the gool is the accuracy.
Still there're few difficults there and there, but My Nes can run large count of games with 100% emulation.

Current release run above 96% of nes games.

here is the new feature of current release

Version :
* Added HiRes (High Resolution) video mode.
* Sprite priorites fixed.
* Scroll glitches more need for fixing for some games to run
* More speed with new optimized PPU code.


Download the latest version here




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