patch to v2.1.2.25 released!!

01/03/2010 15:20

Emulators Organizer patch:
This is a fix for the version, it's get you into !!

A MAIN bugs fixed :
When you run an emulator (from the list), the emulator saves it's config in Emulators
Organizer directory. This fixs PSX (playstation 1 famous emulator), when I've set it up
it ask me for the bios when I use it in Emulators Organizer although i put the bios
and teold the PSX where is it !!
also the problem when you add the emulators collection on cd or dvd, the emulators will
looking for it's config file on the autorun.exe directory instead of it's directory.

Emulators Organizer send the path of the rom into the emulator, but when you add
command lines, it send the path first then the command lines
(e.g: <File> com1 com2 .... while (com=commandline))
But some emulators doesn't accept command lines like this, it needs the path
to be the last param, like this :
(e.g: com1 com2 .... <File>)

So here the fix comes in, I add a new option on the emulator's properties window (you can
open that window via selecting the emulator then right-click then select Properties),
called "Command Line First".
Enable it will make the command line comes first like (com1 com2 .... <File>)
Disable it will make the command line comes after the path like (<File> com1 com2 ....)
This tested an 100% works with FCEUX 2.0.2 (nes emulator).


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