Version 5.4.125 HOTFIX is out !

21/08/2013 19:00

This is a hotfix for Emulators Organizer 5.4.125

EO v 5.4.125 hotfix (.net 4).zip  : this for Emulators Organizer .net 4 (xp compatible)
EO v 5.4.125 hotfix (.net 4.5).zip: this for Emulators Organizer .net 4.5

What's new ?
* Fixed: bug when attempt to run rom without emulator.
* Fixed: attempt to delete video/sound from video/sound tab control.
* Improved: listview control.

How to update:
NOTE: this work only with version 5.4.125 of Emulators Organizer.

Copy the content of this folder:
EO.exe, EOControls.dll and MLV.dll
Paste these files at EO folder where installed (replace old ones).
If you used the setup package, the folder should be located at:
32-bit pc: C:\Program Files\AHD\Emulators Organizer\
64-bit pc: C:\Program Files (x86)\AHD\Emulators Organizer\


Enjoy Very Happy


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