Emualtor Organizer

Emualtor Organizer

EmulatorsOrganizer3.zip (3.180 KB)

Emulators Organizer 3 x64.zip (3,3 MB) (Not tested, for x64 bit os)

EO3.0.155.0setup.exe (3,610 KB)

   System Requirements:

  • Works with Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista and Seven 32 bit (should work in 64bit not tested)
  • Processor: 700 Mhz or higher (Intel or AMD)
  • Memory: 256 Mb RAM or higher
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Here
  • Adobe® Reader® (recommended 9 and above)
  • Drivers: "Please install the latest DirectX end-user redistributable package from Microsoft."


  • Added manual (pdf) support for each rom.
  • Added covers support for each rom.
  • Snapshots instead of one snapshot for each rom.
  • Added thumbnails that shows covers or snapshots of the roms.
  • 7z dll updated to support more archive file types (compress and extract operations)
  • Added professional commandlines manager for each  emulator and rom.
  • Added ability to save and load commandlines from xml files.
  • Added ability to Enable/Disable commandlines without the need to open emulator or rom properties window. 
  • Added ability to extract archived rom files in the SendTo window.
  • Added image browser control for covers and snapshots that has many display options
  • Added ability to change console locations in the consoles list.
  • Added ability to change emulator locations in the emulators list.
  • Added ability to change console images size in the consoles list.
  • Added ability to change emulator images size in the emulators list.
  • Added ability to change emulator icon.
  • Added columns to the roms list like (covers, snapshots…)
  • Added progress window appeared when you run an archived rom file and the program extract it.
  • Added new covers, manual and the commandlines tabs.
  • Fixed many minor bugs, I can't remember them all ....
  • Fixed: the detail columns will not draw check mark when the snapshot or cover located next to Emulators Organizer main exe file.
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