Emulator Organizer

Emulator Organizer

Emulator Organizer

Emulators Organizer is an advanced program designed in order to manage your roms, Games, E-Books,Compressed files, Music and any type of file.
Emulators Organizer simply descriped as launcher, you can use it for different purposes, although the main purpose is to manage roms and emulators.

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What's New:

  • Added: get info/history from internet (moby game only for now)
  • Added: configuration files list for each emulator (  mame , dosbox and almost all emulator with editable config file)
  • Added: emulator configuration file editor (fully pro with ability to edit each field with it uniqe value usefull in dosbox and mame)
  • Added: Emu panel (a panel below roms list, allow to quick edit emu's commandlines and configuration files)

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