Emulator Organizer 5.1

Emulator Organizer 5.1

Emulators Organizer is an advanced program designed in order to manage\play your roms, Games, E-Books,Compressed files, Music and any type of file.

Version 5.1:

  • Added: Ability to get rom name and data from MobyGames.com
  • Added: Options for google image detect
  • Added: The "get name and data from database" option "If rom is compressed, check inside of it for the matched rom" now support all search types (crc, sha1, md5 and file name)
  • Added: New options for "get name and data from database" to get accurate results for file name compare
  • Added: Added ability to enter password for archive file for "get name and data from database" window
  • Improved: The CSV ini files searcher will show a message to let user chose which name will be used for compare (Goodname, NoIntro and Tosec)
  • Fixed: Unable to disable autostart option for video and sound controls
  • Fixed: In tabs priority, if the sound or video control slected after a rom select and the autostart option is enabled, the media never play.
  • Fixed: In "get name and data from database" search, the nes roms never get data since the search was depending on stored rom crc and the database dependes on crc with 16 byte skip.
  • Fixed: Renaming rom and check the "rename related files too" not work
  • Fixed: Profile>Backup menu item show the same items more than once each time it opens
  • Fixed: Rom info tab keep showing an image of a rom after selecting another rom that doesn't have image
  • Fixed: Bug in Tab Manager when edit a tab, the edit window shows a name of another tab or rom data item.
  • Fixed: Bug in get names and info from database window, the "check inside rom if archive" doesn't work for mame
  • Fixed: Drag and drop rom to change location doesn't work correctly
  • Fixed: Add single rom with same path of a rom in the console make a duplicate of that rom.
  • Fixed: Launching a compressed rom and chosing a file from the archive list will send the archive file to the emulator instead
  • Fixed: Folder that not exist crashe add roms window
  • Fixed: Bug with reading CSV database format file, not all roms found during read.
  • Fixed: When selecting a sounds/videos control then selecting another control the sound/video keep playing.

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optional(csv file)



Make sure your antvirus software trust EO(in KIS add as trusted)or add it to exclude list as some function depend on file handling,without this,EO may crash in certain situation

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