Emulator Organizer 5.4.125

Emulator Organizer 5.4.125

System Requirements:


  • Works with Microsoft Windows® XP SP3 Vista and Seven (all 32 and 64 bit system),There is two seperated  version one for xp and other for vista\7\8
  • Processor: AMD or Intel,EO loves cores, also work fast on one cpu.
  • Memory: 1024 Mb RAM or higher, Higher you have, better performance you get
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 for win vista\7\8, Net Framework 4.0 for win xp
  • Media codec pack (optional) :needed to play more video and audio formats inside video tab
  • Adobe® Reader® (even if Acrobat installed, optional ).

    Note: if you have Adobe® Acrobat® installed, run the reader, go to edit>preferance, select General, click Use default pdf handler.
    This will make Adobe® Acrobat® the default program for pdf file and active the active x control of Emulators Organizer.

  • Adobe® Flash 10 or later.
  • Drivers: Please install the latest DirectX end-user redistributable package from Microsot



What's new Version 5.4.125:

  • Added: ability to separate database file using separate tool csv ini  or synopsis txt file format
  • Added: support for WHDLoad database files (import and export .map file).
  • Added: support for SMS database files (import and export).
  • Added: ability to launch programs before and/or before emulator launch inside command line editor.
  • Added: option in media tabs (audio and video) to auto hide toolbar when media play.
  • Added: ability to specify emulator extensions instead of limiting to .exe extension.
  • Added: ability to define commandlines (more than one command) in one commandline element, now put all command on one line.
  • Added: option in get info files from database (for mame only) that allow to save all files even nor rom match in the console.
  • Improved: filtering and searching now are real time (also option to enable/disable this feature).
  • Improved: double click on an image on a tab open it in the default image viewer.
  • Improved: the list view when selecting rom using key on keyboard.
  • Fixed: roms sort by size using Size column.
  • Fixed: when attempt to play a rom the sound/video keep playing if exist.
  • Fixed: delete button in rom tab delete the rom instead of deleting the text in field.
  • Fixed: Videos play ok but when changing to another console, an unhandled exception is generated.
  • Fixed: mouse scroll wheel to scroll up or down on the details list hide some game in the rom list.
  • Fixed: can't sort\use arrow button inside playlist panel.
  • Fixed: can't sort roms if the selection is playlist.
  • Fixed: archive files window hide files in the buttom.
  • Fixed: commandlines for Future Pinball sim.
  • Fixed: when changing a video or sound tab then return to it, the playlist get shown instead of media player.
  • Fixed: when attempting to delete a video (or audio) file from video/audio tab and there's no file in the list an error occure.
  • Removed: commandline no more needed.



For win xp (work for win vista\7\9) please download and install Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 then EO 5.4.125 (.net 4, xp compatible).zip from above link

For win vista\7\8 (will not work for win xp) please download and install Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 or above then EO 5.4.125 Setup.exe or EO 5.4.125.zip from above link

HOTFIX for EO 5.4.125 below instruction


EO v 5.4.125 hotfix (.net 4).zip  : this for Emulators Organizer .net 4 (xp compatible)
EO v 5.4.125 hotfix (.net 4.5).zip: this for Emulators Organizer .net 4.5

What's new ?
* Fixed: bug when attempt to run rom without emulator.
* Fixed: attempt to delete video/sound from video/sound tab control.
* Improved: listview control.

How to update:
NOTE: this work only with version 5.4.125 of Emulators Organizer.

Copy the content of this folder:
EO.exe, EOControls.dll and MLV.dll
Paste these files at EO folder where installed (replace old ones).
If you used the setup package, the folder should be located at:
32-bit pc: C:\Program Files\AHD\Emulators Organizer\
64-bit pc: C:\Program Files (x86)\AHD\Emulators Organizer\



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