Emulator Organizer 5

Emulator Organizer 5

Emulators Organizer is an advanced program designed in order to manage\play your roms, Games, E-Books,Compressed files, Music and any type of file.


Version 5.0:

  • Added: tabs priority option for profile (auto select favorite tab, set the selection priority).
  • Added: profile information containers so that your profile will not be limited to snapshots, cover... etc
  • Added: rom data items and ability to manage them
  • Added: ability to get more information than rom name from database files
  • Added: support for CSV database files (import and export)
  • Added: ico extension support in snapshots and covers detect
  • Added: filter option so you can filter rom by data items 
  • Added: Image view control can view animated pictures like gif format
  • Added: more variable commands in the commandlines manager
  • Added: thunmpnails view show pictures in aspect ratio stretch
  • Added: change icon option applied to everything in the profile
  • Added: backup option for detected related files (snapshots, covers...etc)
  • Added: support for changing rom position in thunmpnails view via drag and drop
  • Added: ability to drag and drop console roms to change position of roms instead of limitation for playlists only
  • Improved: Emulators Organizer rewritten this version. using optimized code and more clean code makes the program run faster, more stable and full of new features.
  • Improved: all tab controls (images, info, manuals....etc) now can create collection of files instead of one file (like manuals, you make a collection instead of one file)
  • Improved: commandlines manager control can view the entered commands in line in the textbox below the treeview
  • Improved: you can disable and enable the default commandline 
  • Improved: listview control now view thunmpnails fast without lagging, also you can chose what and how to display images 
  • Improved: listview control which optimized to be faster and more effective
  • Improved: playlists and consoles can be added in groups
  • Improved: now Emulators Organizer can remember selection of thunmbnail view type (snap or cover)
  • Fixed: get names from database (for mame, an exception thrown about reference)
  • Fixed: sound player stay playing even the user change the sound player tab
  • Fixed: sound and video stay play when the user plays a game
  • Fixed: a lot of bugs.



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