Emulator Organizer 6.5.11

Emulator Organizer 6.5.11

What's new

                New in this version:

  • EO optimized for loading and saving profile, saving/loading progress is faster than ever.
  • EO optimized for memory usage, now it only load the roms that used instead of loading everyting of the profile ... low memory resource usage
  • Added roms list thumbnail tooltip, can be configured via settings in the visual and behaviour section.Added rom command-lines; commandlines that can be used when launching a rom without emulator and thus the rom can be treated as executable instead of just-a-file
  • Added rom command-lines; commandlines that can be used when launching a rom without emulator and thus the rom can be treated as executable 
    instead of just-a-file


  • Bug when the rom file is AI path and contain more than one ")" !
  • Issue when renaming big size files.
  • Some bugs in the roms list view.
  • The roms list view wasn't remember the latest selected thumbnail mode in the thumbnails view mode.
  • After renaming a rom, the new name wasn't show in the roms list when the view mdoe is thumbnails.
  • Rom info tab didn't update time play counters after playing a rom.
  • Parent and children doesn't work when adding roms via add roms (no folder scan) method


  • Improved the code for loading roms, now process is faster than ever and the performance increased with rom browsing.
  • Improved import database file for console wizard, optimized to avoid "Out Of Memory" exceptions.
  • Improved NesCard DB for nes, now it add more information about board and mapper for games.
  • Improved the roms list view control, now it show tooltips in the thumbnails view mode.
  • Improved roms sort process.

             System requirements

  • Works with Microsoft Windows® XP SP3, Vista, Seven, 8 and 8.1 (all 32 and 64 bit systems)
  • Processor: AMD or Intel, 2 GHz or faster is recommended.
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM or higher.
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4
  • Windows Media Player (optional)
  • Media codec pack (optional) :needed to play more video and audio formats for media player.
  • Adobe® Reader® 11.0.6 or later (optional, even if Acrobat installed) ^.
  • Adobe® Flash 10 or later.
  • Please install the latest DirectX end-user redistributable package from Microsoft


 if you have Adobe® Acrobat® installed, run the Adobe Reader, go to edit>preferance, select General, click Use default pdf handler. This will make Adobe® Acrobat® the default program for pdf file and active the active x control for Emulators Organizer.


download version 6.5.11 from below link
extract or insall EO any where on your pc

Your profile should be compatible with this version if your profile was created with eo v 6.4.350

More information can be found at our online wiki page

ANy question head to our forum 
now run EO and enjoy

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