Emulators Organizer 2.0

Emulators Organizer 2.0

Emulators Organizer 2.0.zip (595,6 kB)


What's new ?

This version is a result of rebuilding the whole program in due to make it effective, professional, smoother and handling swiftly.
And here are the new features :

  1. Create a list of unlimited count of consoles.
  2. Create unlimited roms collection for each console.
  3. Contains a great tool for adding roms which searchs for roms automaticly.
  4. Edit and manage each rom (edit name on the list, edit real rom file name, .... )
  5. Create categories for each console in order to manage roms in collections.
  6. Attach icon for each console.
  7. Manage unlimited count of emulators for each console.
  8. Supports command lines for each emulator.
  9. Attach image and info for each rom.
  10. Auto detect screenshots for roms even if the screenshot doesn't match the same name of the rom.
  11. You can rsize the window, controls .... and the program will save your interface settings.
  12. Save your profile in single encrypted file. 
  13. Can be burned into CD / DVD ... as an Autorun.
  14. Supports multilanguages.

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