Emulators Organizer (1,2 MB)


  • Added send to feature, send selected roms and compress them with snaps.
  • Added compress tool, extract or compress files or folders with a lot of options (roms compressor)
  • Added more columns to the roms listview (Has info, Is archive)
  • Added stretch image option.
  • Added change temp folder ability
  • Added clear the temp folder ability
  • Display the status of a rom (encrypted archive, missing from storage media ...)
  • Info editor improved to handle the RTF and TXT file types.
  • Reordering columns ability (save and change the position of a column)
  • Custom column, Hide or show desired columns
  • Helper tool tip for each control
  • Added drag and drop from Emulators Organizer to windows explorer.
  • Fixed bug : rating starts mechanism also when you rate the last rom on the collection.
  • Fixed bug : whan you have a collection of missed roms and you attempt to detect images.
  • Fixed bug : when you try to add roms and the folders you select in the add roms window are missing.
  • Fixed more minor bugs, i can't remember now ....

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