Emulators Organizer 4.2

Emulators Organizer 4.2

EO 4.2.zip (2.8 MB)

EO 4.2 Setup.exe (2.8 MB)



  • Added ability to launch without Adobe(R) Reader installed.
  • Added "Keep aspect ratio" option in snapshot and cover tabs, an option allows user to zoom in/out with
  • original aspect ratio.
  • Added image size filter in detect snapshots and covers via google image service.
  • Added ability to attach more than one video file for each rom, arrange them in playlist inside
  • the video tab.
  • Fixed: detect snapshots and covers via google image service, feature went offline for a while.
  • Fixed: start download images even no image selected in the google image window.
  • Fixed: console list arrow which allows to expand/collapse items doesn't work when icon size is large.

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