Emulators Organizer 4.6

Emulators Organizer 4.6

Emulators Organizer 4.6

What's New 4.6:

  • Added: tabs priority option for profile (auto select favorite tab, set the selection priority).
  • Added: ico extension support in snapshots and covers detect
  • Improved: now Emulators Organizer can remember selection of thunmbnail view type (snap or cover)
  • Fixed: get names from database (for mame, an exception thrown about reference)
  • Fixed: sound player stay playing even the user change the sound player tab
  • Fixed: sound and video stay play when the user plays a game


  • Added: get info and/or history from MAME dat files (mameinfo.dat and history.dat).
  • Added: new options in detect snapshots, covers and pdf files window that allows to add more than one file (image,pdf) to each
            rom if more than one folder presented for search.
  • Added: support for MAME dat database file (import only)
  • Added: file name comparer in get names from database window
  • Added: turbo speed in get names from database window
  • Improved: detect videos dialog.
  • Improved: detect audio files dialog.
  • Improved: new console wizard.
  • Improved: configuration files editor can read values which include spaces
  • Fixed: auto start video when video tab is not selected
  • Fixed: bug in configuration file editor window (not control)
  • Fixed: the destenation video and audio folders are not enabled.
  • Fixed: real rename didn't rename info and history files

 Download the installer,zip or source from link below:


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