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System Requirenments

  • Works with Microsoft Windows® XP SP3 Vista and Seven (all 32 and 64 bit system)
  • Processor:  AMD or Intel,EO loves cores, also work fast on one cpu. 
  • Memory:  1024 Mb RAM or higher, Higher you have, better performance you get
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5
  • Media codec pack (optional) :needed to play more video and audio formats
  • Adobe® Reader® (even if Acrobat installed, optional ).
  • Adobe shockwave and flash player (latest) to review online video
  • Drivers: Please install the latest DirectX end-user redistributable package from Microsot

Version 5.3.11:

  • Added: new information tab for Youtube videos.
  • Added: new dynamic commandline "<KillSpace>" which can be used to remove space between 2 commandlines.
  • Added: reset play time and played times counters for roms.
  • Added: ability to search all profile for roms.
  • Added: support for 2 more tabs in the info panel. Now the info panel can display 6 tabs of information.
  • Added: new option in the add roms (folder scan) dialog allows to keep the original roms in case paths match.
  • Added: added new option allows to auto close running emulator at EO exit.
  • Improved: list view control will auto scroll and select the item which first char matches the input key.
  • Improved: list view control with details view, now it's faster.
  • Improved: rom data items manager now have move up and move down buttons.
  • Improved: sound/video control to be like old eo v 4 !! now it can view playlist.
  • Improved: rom info control now can save data editor space between property and value.
  • Improved: info panel now can be switched verticaly and horizontaly.
  • Improved: the toolbars now movable and can be visible/hidden via view menu item.
  • Improved: the detectors can now remember added folder paths.
  • Improved: now you can search for roms in consoles group and playlists group.
  • Improved: pdf files in manuals tab get loaded only when the tab is selected to make EO more faster.
  • Fixed: when pressing delete button on the search/filter text box the program attempt to delete something but not the text.
  • Fixed: can't search for roms when the selection is a console category.
  • Fixed: play time counter won't work until the option "auto minimize the main window when launching a game" is activated.
  • Fixed: play time counter work only with emulators, so a rom launched without emulator will not count.
  • Fixed: get rom info from MobyGames.com sometimes cause a bug for Japanese roms.
  • Fixed: when attempting to select consoles group, console or consoles category the tree control shows glitches.
  • Fixed: after playing a game the main window didn't return to original state (maximized, minimized or normal) and always return to normal state instead.

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