Emulators Organizer BETA 1

Emulators Organizer v1.0.zip (611,8 kB)

-added Fusion(sega mega drive emulator)
-added nes (nintendo) emulator.
-improved image algorithm,now it can load image with no sequences,it now work 95%.
-fixed extention edit box,now it support any extention.
-fixed move rom mechanizm.
-improving load speed with image.
-added search mechanism.
-added rename ability,now you can rename any rom but only in the list.
-added search menu,with search and search clear context.
-moved directory context from setting to search  menu,now it's called(search clear).
-added  search context under search menu,now we can add more rom to emulater from another directory automaticly.
-added (add collection) context under file menu.
-rewrite and improve alot of old code.
-support arabic language.
-added dialogs,some of it appear in search,search clear,saveall..
-Can be fit in a disk like cd.
any trouble or contact me.

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