Basic Skill

Here you will learn basic usage of the Emulator Organizer,beside theextra function

1.Add command lines:

Not all emulators support the command line function,some of them may not yet compatible with emulator organize command line function,I mean the emulator run correctly but you can't use it's command lines,check emualtor doc

this may change in the newst release

Notice:you don't need to include command line in order to run a rom,leave it empty if you just want to play

choose an emulator inside the emulators field and right click,the choose properity

I'm using Mynes emulator,it support command lines and the command line function compatible with emulator organizer


The rom path must be the first command line to send, then the switches like this:
("RomPath" -switch1 x -switch2 -switch3 x......)


I have check mynes emulator doc,I have choose this one

* -st x: Enable / Disable no limiter (x=0 disable, x=1 enable)

As you know,emulator organizer automaticly send the rom path first,You get it,enter the command line like this:


I have cilcked on add button under command lines before the rom path and entered -st 0 switch like emulator doc says

The rom path must be the first command line to send, then the switches like this:

Now click ok and run any rom,mynes emulator should run with limiter option set to 1 each time you run a rom

 2-Rename All:

If you have renamed some rom virtuality(rename not real rename option) and want to apply these names to the real roms files,choose this from tools menu>renameall

3-Clear missed roms

After you delete some rom (real delete option delete rom file from your hard disk) you can remove them from the collection in one sigle click

You can access it from edit menu>clear missed rom

4-Knowing options:

You can access options froms tools>options

Use emulator:

Deactive:the rom will run without emulator,mean the windows operation system will control the operation and open with dialog will appear

active:the rom will run normaly


Extract archive file first:

If you have multiple rom inside one archive file or each rom is compressed,use this option


Auto minimize the window when run the game

minimize the emulator organizer and run the emulator


5-manage rom description or info

you can add info for any rom or game and save that to text file

To add info:

select a rom,then click on info tap like below

enter the info and click save icon,if you haven't entered this before,the program will ask you to define the text folder




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