Build collection to DVD\CD


If you don't know, iso file is an image of a disk (CD/DVD ...).
Emulators Organizer can handle ISO9660, ASCII encoding.

After you done with Emulators Organizer, your profile is cool and covers all your collection of roms and emulators .....
And you want ot create a CD / DVD.. includes all the roms and the emulators with the same project including playlists and rom ratings .... and everything you made in the profile, YOU CAN DO IT USING THIS FEATURE.


Using this feature, Emulators Organizer will build an ISO file includes the roms and emulators that you made the profile for, and of course the images and text info files.

Then Emulators Organizer will make a project similar to yours, but all the paths of the files (roms, images, emulators.....) will be started with ".\" so it can be run on a disk in different computers.

After that, the Emulators Organizer will copy itself to the disk and make itself as autorun.

Get started :

  1. Make sure your profile is ready, there're no error like missing roms, images ....
  2. Go to Tools>Build Iso
  3. The Build Iso window will pop up. please see Build Iso window for the rest of the steps. 

NOTE that this operation will not effect on the orgenal profile (roms, emulators .... files.)

Prepare folders and files :
In this step, Emulators Organizer will copy the profile roms, images, info text files and emulators into this folder to make everything in one folder.
The temp folder you determine in this step will be emptied, so choosing an empty folder is recommended
You cannot disable this step.

create a folder and name it"mynescollection" any where in your hard disk,then click browse and select it

Create Project :
In this step, Emulators Organizer will create a project similar to yours but all the paths (for roms, images, info text and emulator files) will be changed to make the project runs in different computers,leave this checked.

Copy Emulators Organizer and make it autorun:
In this step, Emulators Organizer will copy itself into the disk (Emulators Organizer.exe, 7z.dll, 7z readme.txt, Base.dll, Help.chm, Languages.dll, License.htm, SevenZipSharp.dll and SharpISO.dll) and if one of these files is missing, this step will fail.

Write ISO:

In this step, Emulators Organizer will Write all the files in the temp folder (you chose in the first step) into an ISO file

In the volum name banar,write "mynescollection",then click browse and enter "mynescollection" then click save

Choose the steps you desire, fill up the required fields then click start to start the progress.
The progress time long depends on the roms count and size.

 You can use "build iso" to build your own iso file from your files,just click build iso icon and click on the "write iso" tap




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