Quick Start

Here you  will figure out how to build a simple collection of your roms and emulators step by step

1.Run the emulator organizer by clicking on it's descktop Icon,The main program window will appear

2.Click on the new icon,Or simply choose "New Profile" from file menu (ctrl+n)

3-Name your project or we can call this collection name

4.Right click at the empty field in console section like below,and choose add console

5-Console properity will appear,name the first console like nes,also define the info text folder

6-stay in the same window,click the add button under Extention label,Nes rom came with .nes\.ines\.7z...extention
enter this like below

7-Enter as many extention as the emulator support,you can check your emulator docs or web site ,or simply choose open from emulator
file menu and take alook at the open file dialog

8-after we click on ok button,icon with nes label appear at console field,to change the icon right click on it and browse for icon or .exe files on your computer

9-Now we need emulator to play our game(here nes rom),Right click on emulator field and choose add emulator

10-browse for the emulator exe,and name it,now right click on the new emulator and choose properity

11-You can see emulator name and path,also two option (command line befor the rom path) and
(command line afterthe rom path,I will descripe these late,leave this window by clicking ok button

12.now we need to add roms or games,there is three way to do so:
     1-simply drag and drop the nes folder rom or files inside rom list field
     2-choose the add icon then choos roms and brows for them
     3-right clicj inside roms list field and brows for it
I will choose the third option,you can choose any one,try it by your self

13-a dialog will appear,choose add under folder label,then browse for the nes rom folder

14-also check "Include subfolders in search" option if you have folder inside your roms folder,click start button

15-you should see your roms sorted,but you need snap for each game,you can create snap by playing the game and pressing "capture screenshot" in the emulator,check the emulator docs
I have finished creating snaps and include them inside one folder
Right click inside roms list field and choose "detect images"

16-search for image dialog will appear,click add under folder label and browse for snaps folder,then click start button

Now you have finish the first tutorial,go to the next chapter


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